Public Consultation 19th July 2017: Is MCC in control?

So far, The Friends of Nutsford Vale have felt that the professional practices around the proposal of development on Nutsford Vale have been disrespectful, underhanded and, frankly at times, only borderline legal. We were guaranteed and assured over several meetings that questionable practices would stop and every effort made for local Councillors, Neighbourhood Teams and other professionals involved to be transparent and clear. 

We were promised another consultation by Councillor Peter Cookson, local to the park and importantly within Gorton, in which the proposed school would be based. This was guaranteed to be after the general election, and we would be the first to know the details – in an effort to stop the feeling that the Council is turning it’s back on the community group that maintain this vital local asset.  

So we were VERY shocked to hear second hand from a local that a leaflet had come through the door inviting them to a consultation event at The Grange Special School, with not a week’s notice from the leaflet drop to the event itself. 

Now, after speaking to several people involved in this process within the Council, not one person has said they were aware of this booking and this had not been approved by, or put past local Gorton Councillors before being posted through letterboxes. 

We would like to point out that one of two things is clearly happening with regards to this development, and both are as worrying as the other.  


Manchester City Council has no idea what it’s subcontractors are doing, booking in public meetings in their name using publicity material covered in their logos. Lainge O’Rourke and the Ellis Williams Architects are running wild, doing whatever they like without any form of control by MCC.


Manchester City Council knows exactly what they are doing and is knowingly disrespecting the local residents and stakeholder groups. Officials are lying to our faces when we ask them what is happening. 

You decide. Neither is a good option in our view. 

The Friends of Nutsford Vale would like to urge as many people as possible to come to the pop-in event on Wednesday 19th July, and see the proposals and provide your views. 

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