Save Nutsford Vale

Stand by your neighbours – Join the fight to save Nutsford Vale for the residents of Manchester


As Manchester City Council comes under increasing pressure to build more houses, our communities are filling up with new families and residents seeking to share in Manchester’s increasing success on the global stage. This also means we need amenities such as health, education and leisure facilities to support the increasing numbers of people. Unfortunately, the priority to create these new facilities ‘on the cheap’ in an era of unprecedented budget cuts is meaning that using green spaces, wildlife areas and play areas are being seen as ‘the only way’ to create new houses and facilities. Unfortunately, cities no longer class green spaces as assets as their effects on air quality, health and neighbourhoods are not easily financially quantifiable.

Nutsford Vale has been earmarked for development into a large secondary school for 1200 pupils. This will waste the last 6 years of work by our group and supporting charities who have invested heavily to create this wildlife haven and community asset – and nearly £3/4 million of taxpayer funds spent to re-purpose the dangerous brownfield eyesore into a beautiful country park.

The Friends group meet regularly to update and discuss the campaign against the planning application and will be having events shortly to protest. (See our Events Section) If you can support us in any way please get in touch!

Cant help in person? Please sign the online petition to stand together as neighbours to protect our community assets. (click link below)

Sign The Petition Here!


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